Food Freedom: an Integral Perspective

What do you get when you mix Deep Green Resistance EUMENA members, a focus on good food, concern for animals besides humans, and permaculture? Food Freedom! The talk explores:

  1. The food freedom of other species
  2. The food that most liberates our environment
  3. Food that liberates the human mind and body
  4. How not to be enslaved to addictions
  5. How to free our meals & economies from the Multinationals

Watch the recording below:

Connect With Your Ancestors

I have no roots in this land. I am a member of settler culture, and my ancestors came here in the great wave of colonization. Only a few scattered generations, bereft of their traditions, lie in the ground here. I have no stories of the land, no means of communicating with the spirits of those who came before, no long-nurtured relationship with the rivers and winds and land to inherit.

This is no excuse for cultural appropriation. I have no right to steal parts of other cultures and spiritualities, nor do I deserve pity for being part of a culture that severed it’s humanity in order to gain riches. What I do have the responsibility to do is regain a connection with my roots.

My ancestors came from several regions – Norway, Ukraine, Portugal. I want to regain some of the biocentric traditions of my culture, the ancient ways developed over long years immersed in a living, breathing world, a world alive with intention, with spirits and cold flowing waters, with great winds and bright starshine.

For me, the first steps involve learning the history of my people. How did they become colonized? When? What came before? What came after? In these questions, and in beginning to regain connection to our ancestors, we may be able to gain some of their wisdom and once again learn to live as connected peoples.