the filthy politicians: 200 Species Every Day

The song “200 Species Every Day” by the filthy politicians is a fictional scene straight out of the Decisive Ecological Warfare strategy advocated by Deep Green Resistance: a pair of activists carrying out well-planned and strategic attacks on infrastructure, in this case combining arson of a power station with raids on corporate offices to trash their crucial data.

As the filthy politicians ask in the preamble, “Why the fuck hasn’t this happened yet?”

Listen to this track and read the lyrics below, and hear more songs at the filthy politicians on bandcamp and at the filthy politicians on soundcloud.

yeah she said look at it now it’s like

everything is always spinnin around

and what’s hard to believe with your feet on the ground

is that we’re flyin through space not makin a sound

yeah, let me tell you about a ride and a journey

a small town girl on a midnight train

goin anywhere with a city boy destroyin

everything so they can breath again

cuz life don’t fit in a cubicle

lookin out the window damn that’s beautiful

fuck that we ain’t goin back said sally

take my hand we’ll take the back alley

we’ll take it all back from the peak to the valley

i wanna burn it all down, shall we

but i don’t wanna knock off gas stations

no we’re goin for the corporations

there’a power station we could blow

nobody’s out there, no one’s gonna know

until we’re in the next town down the road

where i know a safe place that we can lay low

she said just two people could cut the power

to the whole city for 38 hours

then dress up like police officers

then we got access to every office

her smile was so bright and life was such a mess

that he couldn’t think of anything else

and the word that he heard himself say was yes

yeah, she knew him long enough to trust him

but didn’t wanna risk it if they got busted

so she kept the network to herself

cuz what he didn’t know, yo he couldn’t tell

so they planned it out, got it all together

to the decimal everything down to the weather

no cell phones, no booze, shaved heads

no DNA, no trace for the feds

wasn’t hard to cop a cop uniform

the gangs were on that one long before

they got timed charges for the transformers

with a little dynamite for the corners

all sourced out yo paid in cash

it’s not that hard to build a stash

in a land where everyone has a gun

america manufactured his own crash

so they stole a car from a rich family

that was on vacation

on a beach at a resort in some starving

so called third world nation

then they drove out to the hills

satellites the cloudy night killed

they rehearsed enough, didn’t have to think

they cut the fence, just plain chain link

it only took them half an hour

then they were on their way

back to the city where she put on a wig

and they slipped on the costumes of the pig

they strolled out of that parking garage

left one last charge in the trunk of the dodge

they watched the fire as it rose up in the hills

then came the darkness and they both got chills

she waited for the look in his eyes when

he saw another fire on the other horizon

he knew she hadn’t told him for the right reasons

about the others, but he couldn’t believe it

so he asked her how many?

she said just enough to stand a chance, if any

but lets get in there, get what we came for

hard drives smashed all over the floor

then back out, on to the next one

darkness had never been this fun

they came to call it the great resetting

in an effort to address the great forgetting

life was under attack for so long

they had to fight back before it was gone

status quo had to go

everybody knew it deep down in their bones

so you better get ready for shit to go down

they’re on their way they’re in the next town

ya you better get ready for shit to go down

they’re on their way, they’re in the next town

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